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If Only You Could Get The Reliability Of Full Time, Dedicated Satellite Space Without The Expensive Monthly Commitment... 

Now You Can!

There is no substitute for the reliability, availability and high quality of full time, dedicated satellite space.  But the high monthly expense of committing to pay for full time space has been cost prohibitive for many organizations who would benefit from this premium quality space until now. 

On Call Communications gives QuickSPOT clients anytime access to dedicated satellite space, available on-demand and from any location in the Continental United States with NO minimum usage commitments and no limits on the how much space can be used.


Combined with completely automated mobile satellite antennas or fixed antennas, QuickSPOT on-demand satellite service is the easiest, most affordable way to access dedicated satellite service. 


QuickSPOT Automated Antennas and On Demand satellite service helps you accomplish:


IP Satellite Makes Content Contribution Easy


Satellite Webcasting - Deliver Live Content Anytime, From Anywhere 





The Solution - An Innovative SNG Design Gives the Studio Control Over Field Operations


On Call Supports CBS News Teams Live in Haiti Using QuickSPOT Satellite News Gathering Systems

On Call Communications sprung into action again in support of CBS News in Haiti providing live and taped video feeds, internet access and phone lines for their news teams covering the earthquake using the QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system.


 CBS News In Haiti uses QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system



On Call used the very portable QuickSPOT 96 centimeter fly and drive satellite news gathering antenna to establish a high speed internet pipe which CBS News crews used for their video and communications needs. The system transmitted both live and edited standard definition MPEG-4 video feeds for the producers in addition to establishing a mobile office complete with direct dial in/out phone lines and wireless internet access for email, web browsing and corporate communications .

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Early 2014 Visits Include:


Seattle, WA


Washington DC area 


Atlanta, GA


Savannah, GA


Minneapolis, MN


Are we coming to a town near you!  If you've been interested in seeing or even trying out QuickSPOT for yourself, this may be your chance!   We are hitting the open road sharing creative newsgathering ideas with stations around the country.  Call today to see if we can put you on the schedule.